Friday, September 16, 2016

Canterbury Sans Frontières: episode 38

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 38

Dedicated to the memory of Gilli Smyth, this episode features a one-hour mix of her work, including classic Gong, Shapeshifter Gong, Mother Gong, Glo, solo recordings and poetry. Also, some '71 Soft Machine, '76 live Caravan, new neo-Canterbury stylings from Galicia's Amoeba Split, pre-Univers Zero recordings from almost-forgotten Belgian band Arkham, allied "Rock In Opposition" ensemble Aksak Maboul, some live Miles from '73 and a couple of slices of neo-Ethio-groove from Munich and Paris. From the Canterbury music scene of today, live recordings from Arlet and The Boot Lagoon, plus work from Seth Scott, Nelson Parade and Vels Trio.


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