Thursday, August 18, 2016

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 37

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 37

An obscure recording of some superb live Caravan from '76, Terry Riley collaborating with John Cale, as well as being interpreted by a late 60s French-Canadian activist collective, Ollie Halsall playing some completely insane guitar with Kevin Ayers, a new North Sea Radio Orchestra cover of a Robert Wyatt song, something Oregonian with a suspiciously Wyatt-like vocal sample-loop, a little bit of Schoenberg 12-tone piano, some Squarepusher, the origins of drum 'n' bass, Henry Cow, Soft Machine, Matching Mole and the conclusion of Gong's 25th birthday party. Also, from the Canterbury today, Humble Pious, Jamie Dams and a Koloto remix.


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