Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Deerhoof's "Dispossessor" video

The first video from the new Deerhoof album "The Magic", featuring a rare vocal from guitarist John Dieterich (an old friend from central Wisconsin):

Sunday June 12th 2016: one of the most extraordinary afternoons in Prof. Appleblossom's career. He was filmed demonstrating the Banach-Tarski Paradox using a variety of objects supplied by a mysterious entourage who he encountered in a woodland clearing near Little Mongeham, in a remote corner of East Kent. Claiming to be representatives of a shadowy San Franciscan organisation calling itself "Deerhoof", their objects included a coffee cup, a hula-hoop and a tube of toothpaste, each of which he was able to replicate with the help of a blackboard full of equations and a good old-fashioned handkerchief, although the relevance of the aforementioned paradox to the "Deerhoof" was never made fully clear to him. At some point, the Professor, getting somewhat carried away, appears to have "Banach-Tarski'd" himself, possibly having stumbled upon a mathematical route to the "bilocation" of Yaqui sorcerers as described by Castaneda. This further complicates an already deeply convoluted relationship between Professor Appleblossom and his eccentric alter ego, a mathematician/author he calls "Matthew Watkins".


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