Sunday, May 22, 2016

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 34

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 34

'72 Soft Machine radically reinterpreting something from the Third album, Henry Cow improvising magnificently in Sweden in '76, a 2006 Steve Hillage remix of the only existing Paragong studio recording, a Hatfield radio session from '74, plus Caravan and Kevin Ayers getting sampled by underground hiphop producers. Also, some fabulous modal Coltrane, a classic slice of Ethiopique, 70s fusion from Finland, France and Iowa and something new from the Claudia Quintet. From the Canterbury of now, Lapis Lazuli, Arlet, Liam Magill, Ekoda Map, Koloto and Bodhi Glitch. AND...Salman Rushdie singing Kevin Ayers (really!)


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