Friday, August 28, 2015

Crash of Moons Club no. 1

20th August 2015
Bramleys Canterbury

Adam Brodigan from Lapis Lazuli has decided to tackle the lack-of-live-music (of the progressive and psychedelic varieties) problem in Canterbury by starting a new monthly gig night, the "crash of moons club". The first one featured sets from The Boot Lagoon and Lapis themselves. It was good to see the place packed out, so hopefully this will continue for many months to come.

The Boot don't get many chances to rehearse these days, so their set wasn't the tightest they've ever played. But their standards are very high, so it was still as magnificent as ever. Rather a short set though (about 35 minute). Callum was playing a mini-Moog alongside his Nord Electro, using some uncharacteristically abrasive sounds at times. Here's my rather muffled audience recording:

Lapis played the same set as I'd seen at Celebration Days Festival (without the rain!), yet again somehow managing to create a total party atmosphere with long, complex, totally weird pieces of music.

Next month it's an EP launch gig for the new jazz-fusion unit The Thirteen Club, with support from the "princess of glitch", Koloto:


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