Friday, July 24, 2015

as heard at Bramleys jazz session

21/07/15 Bramleys, Canterbury

These fortnightly jazz jams are always worth going along to, but the quality inevitably varies depending who shows up. This one tended towards vocal jazz, standards, not my kind of thing. Still, James Ross showed up late with his sax and injected a bit of personality into proceedings, and young guitarist Luke (getting very good very quickly) seriously impressed. I prefer out-there instrumental jazz, but it was worth sticking around to the end, as Martin (keys) and Ginger (vocals) from Glasshouse, plus Lawence Fletcher on sax and a very competent ad hoc rhythm section and Luke, after a surprisingly satisfying George Benson cover, played this...and it was breathtaking!

A friend had included this song on a cassette compilation for me years ago, but I'd long since forgotten that it existed. Good to be reminded. And that Ginger Bennett is one to keep an eye on, what a singer!


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