Wednesday, June 10, 2015

12th and 13th Bramleys jazz jams

26/05/15 and 09/06/15, Bramleys, Canterbury

The first of these sessions featured some excellent stuff from The 13 Club (at least I think that's what they're called — CCCU music students including Jason from Plume on bass), including Charlie Parker's "Billy's Bounce" and some original fusion numbers. There was another thrown-together ensemble who were also pretty worthy. The second session was pleasant enough, but without any standout moments. Yiannis joined for a version of "Summertime" with an unknown cellist and the excellent vocalist I saw with Glasshouse some months ago. The Lapis Lazuli contingent was lacking (no Phil, Adam too tired to drum, just Toby on bass), but at least co-organiser Dulcie sang a bit — including a lively duet with her friend Diane(?) — which she seems to forget to do on some of these occasions, despite her stunning voice. The final jam with Luke on guitar was a bit rough, but a good note to go out on (they ended with Monk's "Blue Monk").


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