Friday, August 08, 2014

Kairo and friends in the woods

secret woodland location near Canterbury
Monday 4th August 2014

Two short support sets from Meg Janaway (a traditional song and three of her own) and Sarah Yarwood (singing a cappella, with Claire Highfield to begin and end).

This was the last ("secret") night of Kairo's summer tour, with Adam from Jouis filling in on drums (Josh being away touring the USA with Syd Arthur, filling in for Fred). Jamie and Toby playing low-volume electric guitar and bass respectively, with unamplified drums and vocals. Some great new stuff in their set — this band just gets more and more interesting. It was really satisfying to gather a few dozen people who've heard this band a few times before and really get them to listen properly to the subtleties and nuances. More woodland musical magick. Perfect weather conditions again. Jamming a bit of saz and guitar with Tom H afterwards as people slowly drifted off into the night.


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