Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Boxing Octopus + Hey Maggie + Colonel Mustard

24th July 2014
The Ballroom, Canterbury

Herne Bay in the house! I'm not sure if The Fruit Group? (formed by Alexis and Stavros from The Boxing Octopus) are still active, but it seems the Octopus are back in action, or at least they were on this evening. Great vibes from relatively new, relatively young reggae band from Canterbury called Hey Maggie, lots of bits of classic reggae songs (some well known, some less so) mashed up into a long set with only a couple of breaks, nice format. And some fine outsider funk-pop from Colonel Mustard to finish (fronted by the enigmatic Struan Robertson who used to front local garage/rockabilly band Hotrods and Dragsters).


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