Monday, April 28, 2014

Soundcloud track of the week (no. 49)

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This was recorded with Inge in 1995 before she discovered the mandolin and I the saz (we were just playing noodly improvised guitar duets at this point). We cycled out of Gent one evening to a little nature reserve in Merelbeke on the edge of the city and jammed in the twilight against the backdrop of a frog chorus ("kikker" = frog in Flemish). We'd only been playing music together for a few weeks at this point, starting to feel a real connection. One of the reasons I like this rough recording is that the sound quality is so bad - it almost sounds like it's coming from another world or another age. This has been transcribed from a third or fourth generation copy of a dictaphone recording on a cheap cassette. The dictaphone had a particularly noisy motor! More of this ultra-lo-fi pro-Ail Fionn material can be found here.


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