Thursday, March 27, 2014

United Nations of Dub demo

I'm just about to head up to North Wales to the United Nations of Dub Weekender. Alan suggested that I go and promote myself as a saz-dub instrumentalist, make some connections with dub producers, DJs. So I've made a demo CD to circulate, me playing saz over some late 70's/early 80's classics (King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Scientist), plus a few pieces from my reworking of Midnite's Intense Pressure that I put together out in New Zealand. So here it is:

This was all done quite spontaneously using a cheap mic and an ancient laptop — no real production, just some minimal editing and a little bit of EQ and reverb. The idea is just to convey something of what my playing sounds like and how it fits with dub riddims.

1. King Tubby - "Fittest of the Fittest"
2. Prince Jammy - "Round 4"
3. Scientist - "Time Warp"
4. Prince Jammy - "Round 2"
5. Scientist - "Dance of the Vampires"
6. Midnite - "Intense Pressure Dub"
7. Midnite - "True King Dub"
8. Midnite - "Eyes of Fya Dub"
9. Midnite - "New Life Dub"
10. Midnite - "Mighty Race Dub"


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