Monday, March 24, 2014

Dreamtime saz performance

I just stumbled upon this...funny to think of my saz playing showing up in someone else's dream. It took a while to confirm, but I gradually deduced that (as suspected) this was Simon Egan (one of the original COTD trio). He's got a whole dream blog! I wonder who the woman playing piano was...

"At the end of the track is a concrete hut. Music comes from inside. Dr Matthew Watkins plays saz, sat under a floating surface, accompanied by a pianist. The blonde woman improvises blues guitar chords on the open piano strings. Indrid sings, and I filter the bandwidth of her voice with a finger up her nose. I wish I had my midi guitar."

A shame Si hasn't got an iPhone app to rip the audio from his dreams, cos this would have made a great Soundcloud track-of-the-week!


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