Tuesday, March 04, 2014

more sonic brilliance from Canterbury 2014

The first track has just been released from Syd Arthur's forthcoming Sound Mirror LP. And it doesn't disappoint. Again, they've done that thing they do where several aeons seem to get compressed into four minutes. They've become so economical with their musical expression that they don't need to make extended tracks in the traditions of psych- and prog-rock (although if/when they do, I'll be the last person to complain):

[I've heard the whole album, but they're kind of keeping it under wraps for a while, so I shall say no more...]

AND a few days ago Koloto dropped her debut EP Mechanica, a thing of extraordinary beauty which you really should just stop whatever you're doing and listen to right now:

You can buy it (at a price of your choice > 50p) here.


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