Monday, March 03, 2014

Soundcloud track of the week (no. 41)

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This was recorded at Syd Arthur's rehearsal studio, Boughton-under-Blean, on 14th November 2010.

Brothers James (drums) and Dave (guitar) Hatton were part of Cocos Lovers (Dave still is). Jamil (bass), Phillipe (drums), Marcus (sax), Ollie (MC'ing), Lawrence (percussion)and Stef (percussion) are friends from their former home of Kingston-upon-Thames. The Late November collective had been getting together around this time every year just to jam, but on this year there was the intention of preparing for a gig (which I think may never have happened).

My main memories of the day were James' car breaking down en route, helping push Jamil's car out of a muddy orchard once we arrived, and not being able to hear my saz once the Jamil's bone-rattling bass kicked in!

The whole collection can be heard here.


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