Thursday, August 01, 2013

Taking a Line For a Walk

This is cause for great joy! I've been trying to track down this animated film for almost twenty-five years since seeing it screened one night as part of the Canterbury Fringe Festival in the late 80's, in the alcove out front of Hawkswell's Framing Shop on St. Radigunds Street. It's a wonderful tribute to the artwork of Paul Klee. As I recall, there were only half-a-dozen oddballs in the audience (middle-aged Canterbury bohemians c.1989, plus the timid maths student that was my late-teenage self), but I remember everyone being quite breathtaken by it. I've been checking YouTube every few months to see if anyone's uploaded, and the other day found someone had. And it's even better than I remember...

I can justify including this in a music blog as the soundtrack is a worthy creation in its own right. This film is a good example of the kind of thing Channel 4 used to commission in the somewhat more enlightened days back before anyone had come up with stuff like Big Brother...


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