Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Piano in the Woods: second performance

Saturday 9th June, 2013
Littlehall Pinetum

Pianist Sam Bailey has written a detailed blog entry here.

A lot of the keys were stuck due to a period of damp weather, but Sam came prepared with EBows, etc. and treated a small assembled audience to a highly unconventional piano performance:

I broadcast the first peformance at the end of Canterbury Sans Frontières episode 4 and got a pleasantly unexpected response from listener James Bailey (no relation) in Toronto:

Amused by the last track. I don't know if it has something to do with the surname, but I have had a piano in my back garden for the last two and a half years which is now in a state of considerable disrepair — though some of the keys still work and the sustain pedal gives a wonderful crashing sound. Here is a recent recording and picture though it's rather minimal.

And here's what our piano looks like (complete with moss-covered bench found serendiptiously in the undergrowth):

Photo by Neil Sloman — more here


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