Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ail Fionn pics from Geel, autumn '95

While I was out in Ireland I spent an evening looking through a photo album with Kris, trying to reconstruct where we were and what we were doing in the latter part of 1995. We figured it out in the end, with the help of these pictures, taken from a support set Inge and I did with Sven (as Ail Fionn) for our friends, the psychedelic dub band Oort Cloud:

My strongest memory of this event was the farcical public transport journey from Gent to Geel which got us there just in time. Sven reckons he had a cassette tape of this set (but then couldn't find it), which makes me fairly confident that there's a copy in circulation out there...I shall try to track it down. Inge and I had been playing quite a bit down in the Pyrenees before this, had just recorded this demo at Higher Grow in Sint-Niklaas on our return.

Thanks to Aïcha for re-photographing these for me.


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