Monday, May 20, 2013

new Soundcloud project

Over the years I've uploade literally hundreds of hours of recorded music my saz and I have been involved in to It varies greatly in terms of musical proficiency, sound quality and general listenability, so I can't really expect people to wade through it looking for the good stuff. Instead, I've just created a personal Soundcloud account, and intend to upload a new piece at the beginning of each week for the foreseeable future. This'll cover 1994—present, including stuff done with Inge as Ail Fionn, stuff recorded with the Dongas Tribe, with Children of the Drone, Orbis Tertius?, Random Article, guesting with various other people, collaborations under the "A Tiny Window" umbrella and solo recordings.

The first selection is from early on, jamming on a simple theme with Inge on mandolin, recorded in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium in early November 1995 after spending some time in the French Pyrenees. We were still quite new to our instruments (and to recording) at this point, but I like the feeling of this one. This was transcribed from a cassette tape, so the sound quality has deteriorated somewhat from the original (wherever that is now):

No embedded player? Try here.

There is a facility to "follow" people on Soundcloud (if you have your own account), but I'll also be embedding each new upload to this blog. These embeddable widgets are still pretty unreliable in my experience (or maybe I just need a new computer), but you can also find my upload stream here.


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