Friday, April 26, 2013

The Last Bookshop

Owen Hewson (Arlet, Zoo For You) was recently in touch to tell me about a film soundtrack he's composed:

"It's a sweet short film about the last bookshop in Britain and a chance encounter between a young boy and an ageing shop owner, set in a kind-of-dystopian future where books have vanished as more of our day-to-day lives have moved onto touch screens. Basically it's the creators Richard and Dan's love letter to those irresistible but financially precarious second hand bookshops which seem to be sinking along with the beautiful countryside pubs. The film itself was shot on location at various South Eastern independent bookshops around Kent and London."

Most of Arlet (Owen, Aidan, Rosie and Thom) recorded the soundtrack. It was done in an afternoon (out at ZFY Barney Pidgeon's place south of Canterbury — Owen provides some background about the filmmakers and the creative process on the Arlet blog here. You'd never guess that he's never done any writing like this before. It's a gorgeous soundtrack, and another chance to hear Arlet-like sounds in a new context.


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