Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"In to Lunch"

Another film from Sue Cross in Normandy using that piece of guitar-saz improvisation I recorded with Mark Hewins earlier in the year. This one's labelled "In to Lunch - A month of organic home-grown lunches. Recipe ideas for using garden produce.". Bon apetit!

On a similar topic, here's an amusing video of my friend Elise from Sondryfolk learning to make pasta with her Italian granny in Florence last summer, with groovy Mediterranean soundtrack. This just went up on the Sondryblog — read all about it...".


Blogger Holistic Hen said...

That was such fun! Like looking through a window into the heart of Italy, which is slow food. Also I found out why my pasta is sometimes difficult to roll (I don't have a machine, which is one possible) but looking at the video, I don't knead it enough. Best Wishes from France, Sue aka Pavlovafowl

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