Monday, January 16, 2012

"The Anvil" and the Timeless Art of Recyling

Another inspiring video from Sue Cross and friends in Normandy which uses music from the Dongas' Rainy Night In the Bell Tent tape (1997):

This is "The Anvil", an Irish tune. I can be heard bashing out rhythm on the saz, with Inge on mandolin, Ruth on fiddle and Jo on wooden flute.

Mandala webpage imagery

Someone on a similar wavelength in Austin, Texas has been using Children of the Drone music for their website promoting a cultural community food-drive (collecting food for the poor and homeless). If you load this page it just starts playing — took me a while to recognise...stuff from one of the early compilations, I think, hadn't heard it in ages. One of the nice things about making our music available via a Creative Commons license is that like-minded people end up using it for creative purposes without necessarily asking, so these things turn up as pleasant surprises every now and again.


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