Monday, December 19, 2011

Ail Fionn live in Alan's mum's front room, Ballincollig, December 2003

Alan's mum dug out a videotape when I was visiting just before summer solstice this year, Tim helped transfer it onto DVD, and I've finally worked out how to extract and edit the files. I'd completely forgotten about this session — Inge and I were visiting Alan in West Cork shortly before his move to Aotearoa (New Zealand), and we all turned up at his mum's in Ballincollig just outside Cork City one evening (she filmed this very enthusiastically).

There must be other bits of Ail Fionn footage floating about out there (I can remember a Swiss cameraman filming us atop Silbury Hill in summer 1995, for example). Hopefully more of it will come our way. At the moment there's just this, and the little clip of us playing at Pixies Hall.


Anonymous Benjah said...

Hi Matthew ,

great stuff , let's hope some more footage shows up !!
Thoroughly enjoying it and still that slight Viny Reilly influence shining through , I love it !!


7:55 PM  

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