Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Steeleye Span

Steeleye Span are playing the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury in early April. Normally I haven't got much time for folk-rock revivalism, but the current lineup involves Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp and Peter Knight, and recent video clips I've been checking out suggest they're sounding as good as ever (and really enjoying themselves too). And I've never seen them...got to see lovely Maddy Prior and the crew at least once while they're still around!

They've had their low points over the last four decades, but anyone who doubts the validity of this band should check out this, my favourite of their recordings:

(There's a version of the same here from their 35th anniversary tour, and there's this, both clearly demonstrating that they still rock!) And then there's this (with Martin Carthy, pictured left, on electric guitar!):


Anonymous Silke said...

oooh... if I would be around I'd go to see and hear them. Don't know what they are about today, but I love the sound they had. Enjoy!
Love from Silke

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, good site very much appreciatted

4:55 AM  

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