Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random Article: Valley sessions, September-October edits

I've just finished editing ten more hours of improvised saz–violin–bass recordings down to about three (these are the twice-weekly sessions with Miriam and Tom):

Listen Here

Matt Tweed (once of The Spacegoats) features on some tracks playing a bit of percussion. He happened to be around working on the illustrations for Volume 2 of our trilogy so came along and joined in, really seemed to enjoy just jamming with friends for a change (he does a lot of production, session and live work these days, tours a lot with Martha Tilston, occasionally with Transglobal Underground, etc.).

We've started naming pieces (which helps in the editing process, to keep track of what otherwise end up with names like "untitled3_271109") by clicking on Wikipedia's "Random article" link (on the left sidebar, endless fun!) before we start improvising. This can often set a mood or give us some kind of clue for a starting key, rhythm, tempo or scale (and we often end up learning about the oddest things imaginable). Our first named piece produced "Chromodoris westraliensis", a brightly coloured seaslug found off the West coast of Australia. They look like this:

Chromodoris wetralienis
Chromodoris wetralienis — image copyright Mick Tait


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