Friday, August 13, 2010

Ann Peebles — "Beware"

Never done this before — blogging live from Orange Street Music Club, Canterbury. I brought my laptop down here to compose some letters and listen to the Dub Organiser sound system (free entry every second Friday of the month). They've been throwing in a bit of soul along with their usual reggae selection and just played this fantastic soul record. I (of course) found it on YouTube within 30 seconds of asking the DJ what it was.

It was "Beware" by Ann Peebles. Couldn't be any other year but 1975, perfectly balanced between early 70's and late 70's vibes. Dig (studiously ignoring cheesy/arbitrary cosmic graphics).

[Sunday afternoon]: Hmmm. Listening back, it's a bit of a shame about the ghetto soap-opera lyrics, but still a fantastic record...


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