Wednesday, August 11, 2010

COTD: "They are the troublesome people"! (Imai does not care!)

A curious Japanese blog entry has appeared, linking Children of the Drone with the Spacegoats, Incredible String Band and Grateful Dead. Here's the (amusing, as always) BabelFish rendering in English (I've only got the faintest idea what they're one about, but it's flattering to be mentioned in such esteemed company):

"This time it becomes the plan stage of Exeter Group. As for the influence of Incredible String Band being continued with pulse, the people of Psychedelic Folk have scattered to every place in England. Recent times, it is the example where the people who are linked to Free Folk of Sheffield are good. The southwest direction of London, how seeing, the big city in the neighborhood of Exeter which cannot be thought, here 20 years, the fact that the air is attached to the musicians of Psychedelic Folk type are concentrating is several years ago. They are the successors of Hippie culture, non commercial activity is done with the mind of DIY. The special edition of Spacegoats which can be called main point of the time before and among those was united, but Dongas Tribe and A Tiny Window etc derives the band which many is. It shares good luck to Canterbury Group and Manchester Group, I call those Exeter Group."

Spacegoats - Live at the Rainbow Church '94 album art

[The Spacegoats's Live at the Rainbow Church '94 is linked here]

"After Pok (Pokstar) with the person who with Punk Rock of the eighties London Scene is active, moving activity base to Exeter, being local, it begins activity. With Psychedelic Folk Collective which centers him, Acoustic, after that to Electric it converts Spacegoats to 20 end of century. After honesty, to Electric converting, it is not funny excessively. One time, all work of Spacegoats (announcement at that time with the cassette tape or independent production CD it was announced), it was released free with Internet Archive, but presently as for those of principal early Acoustic age it is with charge converted. Including the lyric, with the people who have the individual world, it is the existence which is close to Comus which reopens recent activity. Presently it is converted with charge, but of studio sound recording; "13 Moons In Motion" Time, calls the member who gets together, is peak period of this band, this live is something which hits to that time."

COTD compilation no.3 artwork

[Children of the Drone's Compilation no. 3 is linked here]

"They are the troublesome people. When the place where by his would like to perform is found, because it performs selfishly there, the customer will be, but Imai does not care. Literally, as for this at one of ?, it is recording where the fusion with Jam like England peculiar Psychedelic Folk/Rock and Grateful Dead succeeds."


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