Friday, August 13, 2010

valley sessions: June edits

More of this with Tom and Miriam (and Adam from the Veg Box Cafe hand-drumming on a few tracks): I've edited down the recordings from our June sessions.

Listen Here

Miriam can be heard cooking on one track that's just me and Tom. And she sings on a few. There might be some nightingales in the background (from the back garden via the open kitchen door), I've not notice them on these tracks though.

Honeytone ukelele amp

We were talking about getting a tiny battery amp for Tom's bass so we can go out on long walks, stop and play at various beautiful spots — an idea which certainly suits me and which could potentially evolve into a new mode of performance (if you want to see the gig, you've got to be prepared to walk five miles — or whatever — because it moves). So, in the middle of a session, Miriam impulsively bought a really sweet little ukelele amp she found online, called a "Honeytone". It's in a cheap Chinese plastic case made to look like 50's vintage design, weighs almost nothing, but has a surprisingly good, suprisingly loud sound, running on a 9v battery. My saz sounds OK, not too metallic (always the problem with running a saz through a cheap amp). Tom's bass has a slight dirty fuzz quality (like listening to garage rock on a little AM radio...this clearly is never going to be in-your-face bass, but it'll do for now). I'm getting one soon, too, so we can start playing outdoors while the weather's still (relatively) good.


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