Thursday, July 30, 2009

mellow ambient Drone session

Vaughan - acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, voice, percussion
Brian - djembe, percussion, acoustic bass guitar, keyboard(?)
Annie - alto saxophone, flute, voice, percussion, mbira, acoustic bass guitar (played percussively)
James T - keyboard, percussion, poetry, submerged gong
Keith - electric guitar, electric razor, mbira, percussion, iPhone (Bebot theremin, Aura and Galaxy(?) apps)
me - saz, balalaika, acoustic bass guitar, claves and assorted percussion

me, seated near the altarVaughan, seated near the altar
me and Vaughan seated either side of the altar

This was a good example of a COTD session which sounds better in retrospect than it seemed to be at the time. I did enjoy myself, but it all seemed a bit tentative and languid. The first piece in the edited recording does sound that way, but I preserved it largely because of the poem James was reading ("Sugar"). The rest is really rather good. Keith brought a bag of small gongs, bowls and other percussive gadgetry, which coloured the session, along with his iPhone doodlings. I played bass for quite a long time, and better than I usually do (I thought). The two other poems James read were "I Give You Charles Bukowski" and "Brush the Wound".

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