Friday, June 05, 2009

newly-surfaced Dongas recordings (Cornwall, 12/97)

I recently received some video footage from Max, someone who used to periodically visit the Dongas camp right back to the Twyford Down protest days - something of an archivist. He visited us in the woods near Constantine in Cornwall in December 1997 and did a lot of filming (something that wasn't always appreciated at the time!). From the 4+ hours he sent, I've extracted about 45 minutes of audio (rather rough jams and some Irish tunes from an evening session in the bell tent).

the bell tent in Bosahan Woods
the bell tent in Bosahan Woods

Listen Here

There's also this, my first incursion in the world of video editing:

This was put together from some footage which involved me and Inge, plus Joel and visitors Mick, Helen and their daughter Jasmine going to check out a fogou called Pixies Hall just across a couple of fields from our camp in the woods. It's the only footage I'm aware of which involves me and Inge playing our instruments (other than the group jams Max filmed in the bell tent). There was a Swiss cameraman who filmed us playing up on Silbury Hill during the summer solstice in 1995 - I'd really like to see that (if you're out there, Mr. Swiss Cameraman...)


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