Sunday, July 12, 2009

curious little percussionless Drone session

Children of the Drone at St. Mary Arches church, Exeter - Monday 6th July 2009:

James S - mandola, 'Dynamike' processed vocals, Yamaha mini-keyboard
Keith - electric guitar (played at times with an electric razor), acoustic bass guitar, iPhone (Bebot application), Casio mini-keyboard(?)
Vicky - harmonium, keyboard (first half)
John - acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, vocals, recorder, various whistles, etc.
James T (last half hour or so) - keyboard
me - saz, acoustic bass guitar

James and I Sherburne Porvah Tregelles Prideaux
James and I; Sherburne Povah Tregelles Prideaux, D.D. Oxon. (a portrait we noticed in the church) - photos by Keith

Neither Henry nor Brian could make it, and no one brought any percussion instruments, so this one was quite rare in its complete lack of percussion. All the stringiness made it a bit confused at times, but there were some long, beautiful passages (as I remember it) and James S's vocal weirdness made for an interesting session - most enjoyable, although perhaps a bit languid and unadventurous compared to recent Drone sessions. There were some nice harmonium contributions from Vicky in the first half (despite problems with bellows/airflow control). I've edited the recording down to just over 80 minutes:

Listen Here


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