Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nightingales recorded

I managed to record some saz and nightingales on Monday and Tuesday night. Unfortunately I missed out on the stillness of earlier nights - wind in the poplar trees, plus the birds being further back from where I was recording (on/near a small bridge over the Sarre Penn) meant I had to turn the record level right up, so the recording is rather hissy (headphones help).

Listen Here

And Googling around for images of nightingales, I managed to track down a story I read about in a Sunday paper back in the late 80's (and never heard about again). I had remembered it as being about an opera singer who used to be joined regularly by a nightingale in her garden in Surrey in the 1920's, and the BBC's attempts to record this...but she was in fact a cellist (Beatrice Harrison), there were multiple nightingales involved, and the BBC not only succeeded in recording it, but managed to broadcast live from her garden annually from 1924 to 1936. Has this ever been released I wonder? Please get in touch if you know of any existing recordings (beyond the couple of snippets here).

Beatrice Harrison

Here's a brief account, and here's a piece from BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour about the broadcasts.

Beatrice Harrison

Beatrice Harrison


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