Wednesday, April 30, 2008

more jams with Dan (+ Alex from Elf Lettuce)

Dan Miller invited his friend Alex from the psychedelic jamband Elf Lettuce up from Madison (where they relocate from here a couple of years ago) for a session with me last Wednesday. This took place in Dan's new place, upstairs in one of Stevens Point's oldest houses, looking out over the Wisconsin River. Alex is currently the bass player with Elf Lettuce, soon to switch to guitar. He played both this evening, as did Dan. Dan blew the valves in his Mesa Boogie guitar amp just before I arrived, so it was mostly acoutic guitar, six-string electric bass and saz, although I played my newly-acquired roundback mandolin on one piece. I enjoyed watching the light fade over the river, the ducks cruising about,etc. as we were jamming. We played quite a bit (I've edited it down to about 85 minutes)...

Listen Here

Alex, Dan, me

...but also talked quite a lot, discussing the possible role of quantum mechanical phenomena in consciousness, the possible nonexistence of time, retropsychokinesis (Dan even tried one of my online experiments and scored a 1 in 35 improbability - not too bad!).

Excellent bass playing by Alex - I look forward to seeing Elf Lettuce next time I'm over (have always missed them in the past) as well as more jamming along these lines.


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