Monday, March 31, 2008

Oort Cloud videos

Funkey (Jah Funkey, these days) over in Sint-Niklaas has been busy editing old video footage of the Oort Cloud, the Flemish psychedelic dub band I was peripherally involved with in the early-mid 90's (I named them, used to play a bit of percussion and generally enthuse). Alan played percussion and toasted, Kris played guitar. Inge, Sven and I supported them as Ail Fionn once in Geel (Sven has a tape somewhere, which one day I hope to dig out and archive). Here's what there is so far:

"Open di Gate" and "Dubious Dub", live in a park in Leuven, spring equinox '95

"Trancesensidance" live at 't Uilenkot, Herzele, summer 1994

"Power to the People", a jam at the end of a gig at VUB, Brussels, 1995

I wonder if there's any footage out there of their monumental performance at Whitstable Assembly Rooms in March '94...


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