Thursday, May 29, 2008

Droning once more

There haven't been a lot of Children of the Drone sessions in 2008, so I was glad to have been at this one - last night at St. Mary Arches church. Tim Coles came along for the first time, and it was good to see Annie Q again. Henry's got into vocal percussion lately which adds a very interesting new layer of sound. Generally a very spacey, exploratory session...quite a lot of incoherent passages, but these allowed for some more-interesting-than-usual stuff to go on between them.

interior of St. Mary Arches
interior of St. Mary Arches, as it once was - image from

James T - keyboard, percussion, poetry, xylophone, submerged gong, slide whistle
Annie - flute, saxophone, vocals [+?]
John - acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, mandolin, recorder, vocals [+?]
Vaughan - acoustic guitar, dan bau, vocals [+?]
Keith - electric guitar, acoustic bass, electric mandolin [+?]
Henry - percussion, vocals
Tim - acoustic guitar
me - saz, balalaika, percussion, acoustic bass

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