Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sloppy Joe - Ballroom recording, finally

Last night I finally got 'round to sorting out the recordings from a most enjoyable evening in Iola, Wisconsin. It's a real shame that the recording came out a bit distorted (mostly affecting the vocals). But my favourite tracks, fortunately, were generally the least badly affected by this. A bit of EQ, compression, etc. has improved the sound to within a range of listenability I can live with. It's a bit like looking at blurry photos of beloved friends. I'm reminded of stupidly hissy, distorted bootleg cassettes of Barrett-era Floyd and Cocteau Twins concerts I used to buy from Camden Market back in the late 80's (a phenomenon long gone , with the era of digital filesharing). As much as I'd love a clean recording of this, I feel that people get far too hung up on sound quality. No doubt many a semi-religious experience was induced among 'the faithful' by a barely-listenable Grateful Dead concert tape in the 1980's. Or someone listening to opera on a wax cylinder in the 1920's.

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