Saturday, July 08, 2006

Summertime string duos

I've just uploaded a few tracks to, recorded here at Oblique House during the last little while. Keith Drone came over on the evening of my birthday (June 11th) and we played some saz and mandola improvisations. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the MiniDisc and I had to send it off to a contact in Sweden to get all but the first track "recovered". Well worth it, I think. The first track ends with me getting a phone call from Stef, Keith winding down the music on his own.

Keith and I at Holmbush festival last summer   James playing saz, Sherwood Cottage
Keith and I at Holmbush festival last summer + James playing saz, Sherwood Cottage, June 2006

The remaining four tracks are from July 4th when James S (another Droner) came over for a session with his newly-acquired saz - he's got family out in Turkey. I introduced him to my favoured modal G tuning, and changed his high strings for the same 'double-zero' gauge sitar wire which I use. After showing him all the basic triads I've learned to use over the years, we ended up having a bit of a jam. As is usually the case, the first piece felt the most magical, and was the only one that didn't get recorded. Still, what I did record is quite OK, I feel.

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