Tuesday, June 06, 2006

sketches with Mick

A nice first jam with Mick (who's come along to a couple of COTD sessions at St. Stephens)- this was Thursday 1st June, in the Orange Room:

me - saz, balalaika
Mick - electric bass guitar, modified acoustic guitar, electric guitar

Mick Wieldon playing a Stratocaster'Chilis Toward Sun' by Mick Wieldon
Mick playing a Stratocaster, plus one of his paintings

He had modified an acoustic guitar with a very simple folded piece of card (or plastic?) to create the buzzing sound audible on some tracks. We also discovered a shared interest in fractal geometry, emergent phenomena and the underlying nature of reality. We managed to play a few pieces between talking - some with a bit of a groove or a skank, some slightly angular and weird. My balalaika playing was a bit rusty, but there's a nice half hour of sketches that could perhaps be developed into something.

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