Friday, January 20, 2006

Wilson Pickett/Grateful Dead

Wilson Pickett died yesterday. Today I happened to be streaming this Grateful Dead-themed podcast, and about an hour in was treated to an astonishing, tranced-out, ninteen-minute version of "In the Midnight Hour" recorded at The Fillmore on 19/11/1966, led by Pigpen at his best, the whole band playing like a single organism as only they could. This is perhaps the most captivating embryonic-period Dead I've ever heard, and a fitting (tho' unintended) way I could pay tribute to Mr. Pickett.

Wilson Pickett   Pigpen
Wilson Pickett, Ron "Pigpen" McKernan

To stream this, try clicking here, launch the M3U file in Windows Media Player (or equivalent), and then skip ahead to 54:40. The rest of the Podcast contains some top-notch Warlocks and early Grateful Dead recordings.


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