Friday, June 17, 2005

Midsummer Crediton Drone

Last night saw the monthly session at the Rainbow Studio in Crediton. I'm just listening back to the discs now.

The Rainbow Studio isn't a recording studio, incidentally - just a simple, very pleasant space which we are able to hire for surprisingly little. All the sessions there tend to have a very open, uplifting feel to them, in my experience.

Some of the local cosmic types even claim that the space is intersected by the Mary Line. This is one of the two snaking energy currents that make up the 'Michael/Mary Line' and which are supposed to cross in the very nearby Crediton church - the remarkably named 'Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross and the Mother of Him who Hung Thereon', and the regional cathedral before the centre of ecclestiastical power got moved down to Exeter in 1050. I visited the church a couple of summers ago, even played some contemplative saz in the Lady Chapel for a while. One of the first things I noticed was that one of the side-chapels, dedicated to St. Nicholas, contained a small plaque explaining that it had previously been dedicated to St. Michael.

It was Vaughan, John, Keith, Henry and I. A very mellow, floaty, summery session, but also uncharacteristally LOUD (as well as extremely gentle) at times. Quite a lot of guitar (acoustic and electric) going on. Keith urged me to try playing my saz through his assemblage of effects pedals, which was interesting for a while, but I soon realised that it required far too much use of my conscious/rational mind, which normally has to be switched off for me to play music effectively. A hugely enjoyable Drone, though.

Listen Here

We even found there were some wild strawberry plants growing through the cracks in the concrete outside the door of the Studio and were able to pick a handful of tiny, but delicious strawberries to enjoy with our tea break.

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