Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hawkwind pictures

I've just been informed by Tom Vinelott of that his photos from last December's Hawkwind gig at The Phoenix are now online. That night Simon, Henry and I from the Droners plus Pok and Steve (a spacerock enthusiast and friend from my West Cornwall travels) joined forces to become "Children of the Sun", playing a one-off set of acoustic versions of Hawkwind songs in the bar. We were meant to play before Hawkwind played in the main auditorium, but because of organisational complications we ended up playing at the same time as them, for the people who couldn't afford a ticket into the main event. This was amusingly reminiscent of Hawkwind's legendary free set outside the fence of the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival.

The pictures are here (bottom two rows, below the pictures of Hawkwind themselves - click on thumbnails for larger versions)

You can hear the complete set here (poor recording quality in places, but worth it for the Hawkfans)

me and Pok at home a couple of days previously, working out a Hawkwind bassline


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