Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pixi Morgan RIP

This news is months old, but as I'm catching up with my blogging, I had to include an acknowledgment of Pixi's departure from this Earthly plane.

I have very happy memories of meeting him in the pub at Avebury after summer solstice '95, then catching up with him in Cardiff a couple of weeks later when cycling across Britain with Inge, climbing into the grounds of Cardiff Castle with him, King Arthur and others after an evening at The Four Bars pub, playing music late into the night. He put us up in his flat for a few memorable days, and let us sleep in his van (parked behind an abandoned mosque on the edge of the city) on another occasion. Inge and I ran into him again in Trowbridge town centre when walking from Glastonbury to Avebury with Pok the summer of '96, ended up spontaneously busking together ("Star of the County Down", etc.). In years after that I'd periodically running into him in Avebury, can remember one lively music session with him and Stef outside the pub there, Stef encouraging him to sing his old favourites like "Eat, Drink and Be Merry".

This obituary from Chris Stone (who I knew separately, from Whistable, years earlier) says it all. And it's from the Guardian website, amazingly! RIP Pixi. Here's a playlist of various videos of him performing, for those of you who missed out of seeing him in person.


Blogger Steve Andrews said...

Just found your blog about Pixi and was interested in reading what you have shared here. I had several memorable experiences of Avebury in his company, including one in which we hitched there and arrived in the early hours and slept out on the grass among the stones. I was very shocked and sad to lose Pixi and I blogged a tribute about him too: http://bardofelysays.blogspot.pt/2016/02/in-memory-of-pixi-morgan-fellow-bard.html

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