Thursday, September 24, 2015

Crash of Moons Club no. 2

Bramleys, Canterbury
23 September 2015 (Autumn equinox)

This was the second installation of the monthly Crash of Moons Club, the brainchild of Adam Brodigan from Lapis Lazuli. I was asked to select music between acts, as DJ Professor Appleblossom (so the labcoat came out for that) and ended up compering as well. That went down well enough that it looks like I'll be a regular feature.

The Professor on the vitual ones and twos

Pillowspeaker: John and Richie, two people I've seen around for a while but don't know at all. With two electric guitars, a lot of pedals, and a laptop and a sampler-type-thing, they produced some interesting soundscapey stuff, kind of a "digital shoegaze" vibe.

Koloto: Despite a brief, disruptive laptop problem mid-set, Maria played another blinder, most of the tracks of her magnificent Mechanica EP, plus something new involving fragmentary vocals, which I think was this remix she recently put together:

Maria, deep in concentration

The Thirteen Club: A new, young jazz fusion quintet which has recently emerged from CCCU's Broadstairs campus music programme. This was the release party for their debut EP So Yeah. Their bass player Jason is familiar to me from the (now defunct, I think) psychedelic band Plume. Very fresh sounding, some funky elements, adjacent to some later Canterbury scene stuff (Pip Pyle's Equipe Out, Soft Heap, Soft Head, The Polite Force, etc.). Excellent playing, but not bogged down in pointless/soulless virtuosity – great energy overall.

Here's the title track:

I meant to record the evening as I did with the last one, but forgot. Oh well.

Much respect to Adam for another great night. The venue very nearly reached capacity, which meant the COMC just about broke even again and will be continuing — next time it's Splink, The Evil Usses and Lapis Lazuli celebrating the launch of their Alien album on vinyl via Celebration Days Records in France.


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