Thursday, August 22, 2013

first jam with (other) Mo

A guitarist called Mo who I've seen around locally for years (Syd Arthur gigs, etc.) and who I as once briefly introduced to as a fellow teacher of mathematics came up for a jam the other night. Miriam (also known as "Mo" to her theatre friends, confusingly) met him at a wedding recently where she was playing a solo violin set. Within minutes of his arrival we were deep in conversation about Nick Drake and his countless alternative guitar tunings. And then we played for an hour or so, sitting around a brazier. Miriam played violin and sang. Mo has a beautifully flowing style, and his harmonic and rhythmical shifts made things more interesting than the usual droney/modal Monday night sessions Miriam and I have been doing lately. Here's some of what happened:

Listen Here

As far as the maths teaching goes, it turns out that Mo deals with 12- and 13-year olds in Sittingbourne, which must require superhuman patience!


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