Wednesday, June 05, 2013

piano in the woods blog

Sam Bailey has set up a blog for the piano in the woods project, which currently includes some explanatory text, audio and photos from the first performance, as well as this wonderful bit of film showing me, Dave, Libby, Sam and Piers moving the piano into place, shot by Ben Rowley on a clockwork Bolex camera, unedited, with the audio of Sam's first performance as soundtrack:

The next performance is on Sunday 9th June, the day after I get home from Wisconsin, so that's something to look forward to. Apparently, the heavy rains last month have caused a lot of the keys to stick (apart from the top and bottom octaves), so we can expect something more experimental from Sam this time.


Anonymous Silke said...

so there's a piano living in the woods now? what a brilliant place to be!

11:16 PM  

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