Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ollie Halsall's final resting place

Joaquin Fernandez, a Canterbury Soundwaves listener, recently sent me this photo from the little graveyard in Deià, Mallorca.

Ollie Halsall is perhaps best known for being Kevin Ayers' guitarist from '74 until his unfortunate death in 1992. I'd heard that fans had added volume knobs to his headstone. Mark Hewins mentioned being taken to see it by Lady June (before she died on the island) — he didn't remember seeing the knobs then, but he did remember the big crack.

I once said on the programme that if angels played electric guitar, it would probably sound something like this...

[listen from about 2:55]

[listen from about 5:55 — apologies for the album cover and choice of pianist!]


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