Sunday, January 27, 2013

Canterbury Soundwaves episode 28

As this will be the final episode of Canterbury Soundwaves, it's a very special extended edition featuring a day out in the Canterbury area with DAEVID ALLEN! As well as visiting Robert Wyatt's family home in the village of Lydden where he lived in 1961 (his first time back in fifty years) and a couple of other places of local significance to his early days of music-making, Daevid reads poetry in the Canterbury Cathedral crypt and atop the mysterious Dane John Mound near the city wall. His reminiscences and musings are interwoven with music from several Gong lineups (including the current one with his and Gilli's son Orlando), the Daevid Allen Trio, early Soft Machine and Caravan, The Magick Brothers, University of Errors, Brainville, Acid Mothers Gong, Steve Hillage and Khan, as well as current Canterbury-based artists Arlet and Luke Smith.

As both Daevid and I have a tendency to mumble, and quite a lot of this was recorded in crowded streets, noisy pubs, etc., I'd recommend taking some time to listen to this one undistracted, with headphones or decent speakers.

Canterbury Soundwaves episode 28

Daevid reads his poem "Unriddle Me This" from atop Dane John Mound, looking out over the City

with the stencil of Robert Wyatt which appeared in Dover Street recently...this being next door to where The Beehive was, where they would have played together as part of an embryonic Soft Machine in '66

recreating a scene from Wellington House, Lydden fifty-one years on

In a couple of months, I'll be launching Canterbury Sans Frontieres, a new podcast with a different format (wider musical remit, less of me talking, guest mixes from current Canterbury-based musicians, etc.). Stay tuned!


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