Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Canterbury Soundwaves episode 22

This time it's a poetry and spoken word special, co-presented with (modern) Canterbury's premier psychedelic poet, Tim Munton. We hear Daevid Allen and Lady June reading their poems in a French restaurant in Deià, Mallorca in 1978, Deià resident Robert Graves reading one of his (in an unsurprisingly posh accent), Ivor Cutler demolishing the edifice of scientific rationalism in 32 seconds flat (and showing up at the end of Robert Wyatt's finest album), Kevin Ayers singing a William Blake poem, Robert Wyatt singing one of his wife Alfie's and one by a Nobel Prize winning Greek haiku poet, and Gilli Smyth reading from The Book of Taliesin. Also the Soft Machine at London's UFO club in the summer of '67, the eccentric American producer who first got them in the studio that January, National Health speaking French very badly, more Floating Anarchy from Planet Gong and the mice from Bagpuss singing ragtime (honestly!).

Canterbury Soundwaves episode 22


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