Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lounge on the Farm 2012

Merton Farm, near Canterbury, 08/07/12

The spirit's largely gone out of this festival, so I wasn't going to bother, but got offered a day ticket for the Sunday, so ended up there anyway.

I experienced some excellent music from the Matthew Herbert Big Band, Nick Mulvey (I saw him at Orange Street years ago and had unjustifiably forgotten about him — he threw in a Gillian Welch cover along with his original Congolese-pop-inspired songs, has a particularly lovely way of performing), Boot Lagoon, Brilliant Corners (not the 80's indie band, but the latest project from Barnaby Keen who was behind School of Imagination), Zoo For You and Syd Arthur (a chance to hear those two new songs again, which are now stuck in my head!). A few moments of sunshine, some local ale, a lot of friendly faces, acceptable mud levels — not bad really...

Zoo For You getting started on the Meadows Stage

Boot Lagoon in full swing on the Meadows Stage

Brilliant Corners, in all their brilliance


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