Thursday, May 10, 2012

Valley Sessions, February—March 2012

I've just finished editing another couple of months worth of lo-fi improv pieces recorded in the Sarre Penn valley near Canterbury with Miriam, Tom and friends (including Phil and Adam from Lapis Lazuli and Paul from Groanbox):

Listen Here

The last piece (just four seconds) is called "Falling Cat". The Wikipedia Random Article link we got was "1890 in film" and it mentioned one of the first two or three films ever made, just called "Falling Cat". So we had to use that. Tom and Miriam played their interpretation of the title before I could even pick my saz up, and I've since added it to the original film as a soundtrack:

While on the subject of cats on film (I'm not going to get into the habit of posting cute cat videos on this blog, but this one is a bit special!):


Blogger Holistic Hen said...

Somebody had to do this! The naff cat-playing-the-piano video is the leitmotif for Youtube but this is something altogether superior. Great find, thanks for posting! Sue

7:15 PM  

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