Monday, April 16, 2012

Another flying visit to Exeter

I got to spend three days in Exeter between the Tinariwen weekend in the Bristol area and Sam's wedding in Glastonbury. Tuesday 10th I was jamming with Henry's latest improv project, called Fractal (he on digital drums, John on MIDI guitar and an excellent bass player John recently found called Cliff). Here's my edit of the session:

Listen Here

The next evening it was a Children of the Drone session at St. Mary Arches church. Local guitar innovator Kimwei was around for the first half, and James S's cellist friend Laura played throughout — she's been to the previous couple of sessions and it's as if she's been Droning for years. James S did his usual Kaoss Pad madness, James T read some existentially challenging poetry, Keith and I made our usual Droney string sounds, Lucy added some alto sax and percussion. Not one of the most memorable of COTD sessions, but still a nice social occasion, and, as usual, when I went back through the the recordings, a considerable amount of it is pleasingly listenable.

Listen Here

James S also supplied me with his recordings of the February and March sessions which I missed, my edits of which can be found here and here.


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